Giant Felt Christmas Tree

Giant felt Christmas treeOk, so “giant” is a relative term. This tree is the perfect “giant-size” for my preschooler but not so giant that it is overwhelming or takes up a ton of space. I moved to all shatterproof ornaments last year when Buddy got curious with our tree and decided to stay that way this year but it was fun to provide a tree for my little man to mess with. He loves being able to take ornaments off, put them back on, rearrange them however he wants, as many times as he wants, and slap that big yellow star on top over and over and over again. All without having to hear Mommy say “no” or “keep your hands to yourself” over and over and over again. Love.

It was a frugal undertaking (a yard of felt costs $5.99 at Hobby Lobby…less a 50% coupon…plus a yard of felt makes 2-4 of these trees depending on whether you’re willing to get creative to piece halves of trees together. You’ll see what I mean in a minute, promise.) And it only took about 20 minutes to make. Given that we’ve had ours up for just a week and I’ve already lost count of the number of times Buddy has decorated and redecorated that tree…I’d say this project was a winner.

I pinned this felt tree craft on my Christmas board over a year ago but our house was on the market last Christmas so I really kept decorations minimal (which is so not my style…you should see my house this year…and I’m just getting warmed up!) and decided to hold off on making this. Now we have all kinds of blank wall space (oye) so I had no problem with finding a spot for it but if you’re having trouble finding a space try the back of a door!

You will need:

1 yard green felt

felt scraps in assorted colors

scissors or a cutting mat and rotary cutter

hot glue gun & glue (optional)

Giant felt Christmas tree

Lay out your felt, cut it in half so you have two equal pieces then fold one piece in half lengthwise.

Giant felt Christmas tree

Do a little measuring and marking if you wish (I recommend it if you’ll be cutting with scissors) or use your cutting mat and ruler to guide your cuts with a rotary cutter to cut out your tree. You can easily make one big triangle tree with a single cut or get a little “fancy” with a tiered tree.

Giant felt Christmas tree

Either way, make your cuts then unfold the felt to see your tree. (And when you unfold your felt, you’ll notice that the parts you cut off of your tree can be put together at the center seam to make another tree…bonus! Using this method you can get up to 4 trees out of your yard of fabric.)

Giant felt Christmas tree

Beautiful. Now you need to decide how to attach your tree to the wall…and this may really depend on where you are attaching it. Since I went for a painted wall, I decided 3M strips would be best to protect the paint. Unfortunately 3M strips don’t like to stick to felt…but hot glue does…so I hot glued to strips to the tree then peeled the other side of the 3M strips off and attached it to the wall.

Giant felt Christmas tree

Giant felt Christmas tree

Make ornaments for your tree in various shapes and sizes from your scrap felt. Feel free to “embellish” some or all of them. I got help from Buddy while making the ornaments. This produced some interesting colors and shapes (bring on the brown oval ornament…random) but hey, it’s his tree. Then let your kiddo go to town!

Giant felt Christmas tree

Go Buddy go! We had fun experimenting with different ways to get the ornaments on. I showed Buddy how to stand back and throw the felt ornaments at the tree to see how they would stick (they did!) but he prefers the stick-it-on-then-bang-on-it-for-a-while method the best. Whatever floats your boat little man.

Giant felt Christmas tree

So remember how I mentioned a yard of felt makes multiple trees…lucky you, I’m giving away one of these trees (with ornaments, of course!) If you’d like a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post with your favorite Christmas song! You can get another entry by liking Gaining Mommymentum on Facebook and telling us your favorite Christmas song in the comments section of our status update/picture introducing this post. Contest ends December 3, 2013 at 7pm central time. Winner announced later that night. Good luck!

***This giveaway is now closed…congratulations Sarah Reed! You have until 7pm tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec 4 to claim your prize! Email me at Lauren.Mommymentum { at }***


8 thoughts on “Giant Felt Christmas Tree

  1. My kids favorite is away in a manger, we have a nativity set and every night before bed they do there advent calender light a candle and sing this song. It is so cute love christmas.

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