I’m Still Thankful

Infinite clichés come to mind as I begin to write this post.  “I am thankful for….”  “During this season of thanks, I count my blessings…..”  “This is a time to be grateful for….” None of those seem to convey the depth or intensity of my gratitude that my mom is in my life every day.  Just as I was leaving for college my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being away from her at that tumultuous time was hard. Because I was gone, I didn’t see the day to day experiences she had of radiation and chemo.  It didn’t really feel real to me. When her cancer went into remission I felt relieved that I would not have to worry about it again.


Then when I moved back to St. Louis (about 8 years later) my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was in the doctor’s office with her when she found out.  This experience would be very different because I was here to support her, but also realize how debilitating, demanding, and draining this disease is on the human body and spirit.

My mom is in remission now.  She has and continues to care for my children in my home while I work. Her love for them is something to behold. I’ve learned so much about motherhood from her and if I become half the mother she is I will feel very fulfilled.

Here at Gaining Mommymentum we are usually focused on what we do as mommies, but I want to take today recognize a mommy who has battled this disease and is winning.  Her name is Heather. She shared a powerful video of her story with Lauren and me. We admire Heather’s courage and strength as a mother, a woman, and a survivor. Here is Heather’s video. http://www.mesothelioma.com/heather

For more information, check out http://www.mesothelioma.com/.

Enjoy Black Friday shopping- and if you’re with your mom give her a big hug to let her know your thankful for her!

4 thoughts on “I’m Still Thankful

  1. I just write what comes into my head. I’m thankful for that. 😉
    I put a link in the post- try that to get to the video.

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