Meeting Ree


Yes.  Ree.  We are now on a first name basis.  Ok so we’re not BFFs or anything (yet) but I cannot describe to you what a pleasure and joy it was to meet a woman whom I have admired for so many years.  We waited for hours…a little over three hours to be exact, to get our three minutes with her but it was worth every cold, rainy minute to stand with her and chat with her and watch her so gracefully and humbly sign cook books and children’s picture books and still carry on conversations with us like she wanted to know every detail of our lives that we could spew out to her in those few minutes.  Ok so we sat in a coffee shop up the street for half the time we waited and stood inside the book store for the other half but that wouldn’t make for a very good story, now would it?  And all that waiting ended up paying off…you’ll see.  Back to Ree…

Meet Ree

Left Bank Books did an awesome job keeping things organized.  I was accompanied by my sister, a good friend, and of course by Mandy!  My sister definitely had to take the lead on the conversation side of things as I found myself instantly tongue-tied as we approached.  I remember making some joke about being the younger sister and asking Ree if they had been enjoying their time in St. Louis…but I couldn’t possibly tell you what we were talking about here…but apparently it was funny…(thank God!)

Meet Ree

It has been a while since I have felt so awkward.  Brought me back to my high school days.  But Ree was so humble and relaxed.  She joked with us about the eclectic music in the book store during the signing and cheered when an Eagles’ song came on.  PW Trivia:  She declared the Eagles to be one of her favorites. 🙂

Meet Ree

Here we are!  BFFs!  Although I don’t think I ever even told her my name…but the post-it note the employee stuck in my books did so that counts right?  Yep.  Totally does.  And I just about died when she told me I was wearing her favorite color.  Yes Ree, I am aware that jewel tones are your favorite, but I did NOT know emerald green was the winner in that bunch.  Now I do.  And my entire wardrobe will now be green.  Amen.

Meet Ree

Here’s Mandy!  Thank goodness Mandy kept her head on straight and told Ree about our blog and what an inspiration she has been for us!  I was so star-struck I hadn’t even mentioned it.  *forehead slap*  Ree even asked what our site was called and when Mandy told her (and she said it was so cute!) all I could think was “please look us up, please look us up!!”  It’s a (gargantuan) long shot that she will but what an honor that would be right?

Oh yes!  Remember how I mentioned all that waiting paid off?  Well, as we finished up with Ree and gathered our things I turned and saw Marlboro Man (Ree’s husband) walking into the store and straight towards us!  Bah!  Of course I dropped my things and got the camera back out.  I couldn’t believe the luck.

Meet Ree

I didn’t think I could be more inspired by the Pioneer Woman but after meeting her, I most definitely am.  What an amazing opportunity last night was.  I’m on cloud nine.  Until we meet again Ree!  🙂

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