Busy Bag of the Month: Turkey Trouble

Turkey Busy Bag

Last month’s busy bag was all about shapes, sizes, and spatial relationships with our felt Halloween jack-o-lanterns so this month we are switching gears a little bit to focus on fine motor and colors. This busy bag gives children the opportunity to work on color matching and gets those little fingers working to learn how to manipulate button holes. It’s a little more complicated as far as assembly goes but only because there’s a little sewing involved. Don’t let it scare you off! You can easily pull this one off sewing by hand if you don’t have access to a machine and remember…you’re making this for your young child. I doubt he cares what your sewing looks like! And even with all the sewing this project was finished in less than one nap time. I give you…turkey trouble!

You will need:

Felt: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue

Google eyes (or two small buttons)

Buttons: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue

Cotton balls or poly-fill stuffing

Needle & thread & sewing machine (if you have one)

Tacky glue or fabric glue

Cut 2 medium circles (mine are about 5 1/2 inches in diameter) from a piece of brown felt. Cut 5 “feathers” from each of the remaining colors of felt as well as a yellow triangle for a beak and a red waddle.  Position all of your pieces so you can see where the buttons need to be spatially so the feathers overlap a teeny bit AND the buttons are far enough away from the edge if you are sewing by machine.

Turkey Busy Bag

Sew buttons on by hand.

Turkey Busy Bag

Sew two brown felt circles together beginning near the red button…this will help you line up the foot on your machine so your sewing will be…well…more even than mine. 😉

Turkey Busy Bag

Make sure to leave an opening so you can stuff your turkey! I used cotton balls but if you want to make your turkey more (hand) washable you can use poly-fill. After you stuff your turkey finish sewing it shut.

Turkey Busy Bag

Cut small slits (depends on the size buttons you use) in the bottom of the feathers. Be careful not to cut all the way through to the bottom AND to leave enough space at the bottom to keep the felt strong enough that it won’t rip. And when the feathers do rip (because toddlers and preschoolers are CRAZY strong) just make a new one from your stash of felt you are slowly building up. 😉

Turkey Busy Bag

Glue turkey’s eyes, beak, and waddle in the center of the brown circle. I used krazy glue in hopes it will keep Buddy from tearing them off and, so far, they have survived but krazy glue apparently does “krazy” things to felt so tacky glue or fabric glue would be a better choice. If you use buttons for the eyes you could sew those, along with the beak and waddle, on to your turkey to avoid any missing parts. Voila! You now have “turkey trouble” for your child!

Turkey Busy Bag

This busy bag was inspired by Chrissy at How We Learn At Home. If you love this activity but don’t have time to make one yourself, you can order her adorable version from her etsy shop!


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