Big Primping

I wish I was Oprah and could give all our friends my favorite things, but alas, I can only give you my ideas and thoughts. 🙂 I wanted to focus on some beauty products and tips that have helped me keep a professional look at work while not taking time away from my family at home.

1. Pantene Keratin Repair 60-Second Therapy


Recently, a friend of mine told me she was going to splurge and get a keratin treatment at her salon. To afford herself time to spend with her family, prepare meals, work full-time, and maintain her household she sacrificed primping time in the morning and showered at night before going to bed. Her hair was not a big fan of this. I could TOTALLY relate to this scenario and I was very happy for her (and über jealous) when she told me she decided treat herself with a professional keratin treatment to help reduce frizz and flippies in the morning. Fast forward to me taking a few precious minutes in Wal-Mart to stroll down the hair product aisle.  I came upon Pantene’s version of a keratin treatment for about $14 (for 5 treatments). I thought I’d give it a try. After shampooing you apply an entire ampoule (which is fancy talk for tube) onto your hair and leave it in for 60 seconds. I dried my hair after my shower and could immediately tell a difference. My hair was definitely smoother and shinier. I also had fewer fly-aways the next day.  We’re having some family photos taken in a few weeks and I will be sure to use it as I get ready for them.


– Quick

– Inexpensive


– The effect wears off after a few days.

I give it 4 out of 5 hot pink lightning bolts.


2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer


According to WebMD, there are several causes of dark circles under you eyes. Let’s do a personal inventory of Mandy: Seasonal allergies? Check. Lack of sleep? Don’t get me started. Heredity? Yup.  At $17 a pop I was hoping for a miracle and this concealer came pretty darn close. It feels light and brightens up my eyes immediately.

Application tip: Dab a little under eye and with your finger, a sponge, or a brush spread it in a triangle.

1. Start out the outer corner of your eye and spread it toward your nose.

2. Then down your nose to the corner of your lip.

3. Back up your cheek toward the outer corner.

Fill it in. This method gave me better results than the semi-circle under the eye I’d been doing for years. It really only takes a tiny dab.  This tube has lasted me a year (which I know exceeds the amount of time you are supposed to use makeup, but at this price I’m getting every last drop!).  I did have 12 weeks of maternity leave and 12 weeks of summer break in which I wore little or no makeup most days so factor that in.


– It noticeably reduces  the appearance of dark circles.

– It lasts a long time.

– Like all Clinique products, it’s allergy tested and fragrance free. I have very sensitive skin so this is crucial for me.


.- It’s expensive compared to drug store brands.

I give it 5 out of 5 hot pink lightning bolts.


3. Neutrogena oil-free moisture


After a recent visit to the dermatologist, I realized I needed to include sunscreen in my daily skin care regimen which is minimal at best. Combining the moisturizing step with the sunscreen step was my goal as I set out to find a product. Marketing usually works on me exactly the way it’s supposed to. I’ve never used any Neutrogena products before, but judging from the commercials, packaging, and price I expected to a get a high quality product. I decided to go with Neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 35. As I mentioned I have sensitive skin and every time I put this stuff on it burns.  Not terribly, but enough that I really don’t want to use it. It claims (on the Neutrogena website) to be allergy tested and fragrance free. I’m not feelin’ that.  At $9.99 I hate to throw it out, but I need to find something else because I’m avoiding putting it on and I really need the SPF protection.


-The packaging is pretty.


– It hurts my face.

I give it 1 our of 5 hot pink lightning bolts.


I LOVE to get recommendations for beauty products. What’s your favorite primping product?


7 thoughts on “Big Primping

  1. Mandy, I recommend Eucerin sensitive skin everyday protection face lotion. It’s SPF 30 and although I don’t remember the cost, it’s cheaper than $10. I buy about one bottle a year (maybe slightly more frequently but a little pump goes a long way). I have used it for 7 years and I love it!

  2. Does Head & Shoulders and Irish Spring count as primping? Maybe I should have just sat this one out. Good article and well written. Pa

  3. I love L’Oreal Magic BB cream. I only discovered it a few months ago but have come to really love it.
    Amanda, I think all your posts are very well written!

    • Amy, thank you so much! I really enjoy the writing process. I’ve been curious about BB creams. I’ve read about them in Allure and Cosmo, but I didn’t know where to start. I think it will be L’Oreal!

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