Jack-o-Lantern Busy Bag

You all know what a fan I am of busy bags, especially ones made with felt, so today I thought I’d share another one we made for Buddy that he is just loving! This was actually my husband’s idea (little does he know he’s now head of busy bag development around here) and was a lot of fun to create. I love the idea of having “seasonal” busy bags to rotate in and out of our stash to help keep things somewhat new and fresh and there’s nothing more seasonal in October than pumpkins! (Pumpkin recipes, pumpkin family activities…pumpkins really are taking over this blog!) I had some help from Buddy as I made the pieces, which makes it extra special. πŸ™‚

First, I took 3 sheets of orange felt and cut out three shapes for our pumpkins. Buddy told me pumpkins are round so I made the first one a large circle. He then remembered one of his favorite books Spookley the Square Pumpkin and told me we needed one to be square…so I made one like that (but the control freak in me rounded off the corners…sheesh Lauren, let it go!) Then I had him look at the jack-o-lanterns in our fireplace (yes, I put ceramic jack-o-lanterns in my fireplace…found it on Pinterest) and he picked the shape of one of them to use for our final pumpkin. So here’s where we started after those were all cut out.

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

Then we got to work talking about what we needed to add to our pumpkins. Buddy was immediately concerned that they didn’t have stems so I cut three different stems out of brown felt.

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

We took another look at our jack-o-lanterns in the fireplace to figure out what else was missing (facial features) and soon had three different mouths…

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

…three noses…

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

…and four sets of eyes (we got excited about eyes apparently)…

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

Buddy wasted no time and jumped right in to make his first jack-o-lantern, which I absolutely love. πŸ™‚

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

Then made another…

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

And one more…cause you can’t have one bare pumpkin. That just wouldn’t do.

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

(I love the nose placement on that last one…heehee.) After Buddy went to bed it was my turn to play!

Jack-o-lantern Busy Bag

When I was finished playing, ahem, I put all the pieces into a gallon-sized ziplock back for storage.

I love this busy bag so much! Hmmm…I wonder what next month’s will be…


7 thoughts on “Jack-o-Lantern Busy Bag

  1. This is so adorable and easy. I think we’re gonna make “5 Little Pumpkins” at the our house this weekend. πŸ™‚

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