Up to 7


Every morning as we cross the intersection and approach the parking garage on our way to work/school The Bear, now 3 years old,  asks me, “Momma, we go up to [insert number from 3-5 here]?”

“Sure,” I reply.

And that’s the level of the garage we park.  One day he asked for 7 which was the higher than any level I’d ever parked. I went along with it and as we were going up, up, up I realized that 7 was the top level. As we pulled out into the bright morning light I immediately noticed there were no other cars on 7. It was a big, blank concrete field. I put the car into park, clipped my keys to my purse, put my badge on my belt, and stepped out of the car. WOW.  What a gorgeous view! I had no idea I had access to this beautiful vision of St. Louis. I hurried over and unstrapped the Bear from his car seat. We looked at all the construction equipment and the skyscrapers in the distance. We could even see the Arch. All of this because my little Bear.  That afternoon when we returned I snapped some pictures.




It was just neat, unexpected. Like poking our heads down a rabbit hole and finding our own little Wonderland.  I’ve parked on and off in that garage for 8 years and I’d never seen this. Driving home I reflected on how this occasion was so much like motherhood for me. I was just going along, doing my thing. Then one day these children came into my life and  showed me my world through their imaginative, wondering eyes. My love for them surrounded me on all sides as did the view from 7.  It just took my breath away.


2 thoughts on “Up to 7

  1. Very philosophical and Mommy like. Wonderful job of verbalizing the warm feelings of motherhood. I am sure the part that is still in your head and heart is 100 times better than the touching story you told about your children. Pa

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