Lone Elk Park

Recently, Lauren asked our Facebook friends to comment about prospective topics for our upcoming posts .  One idea was to share places in St. Louis to take your family.  Cruising the vehicle path in Lone Elk Park is one of our family favorites. Many lovely qualities make it appealing: American Bison and elk in their natural habitat, numerous picnic areas, relaxing views, FREE admission.  The reason we often choose Lone Elk park for a Sunday afternoon outing- you don’t have to get out of the car to enjoy it!  Now I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. This weekend we had a sick kiddo. We’d been stuck inside all weekend and were getting cabin fever. We needed to get out of the house, but we really weren’t in any position to interact with the public. So we loaded up the car seats, moseyed on down Highway 44 and headed to Lone Elk!

(Another awesome thing about Lone Elk Park- when you get off the highway, there’s a Starbucks only a teeny tiny bit out of the way. That’s a big deal for a gal who resides in the country. :-))


Exit Highway 44 at Valley Park (141), go North, and follow the signs. I have a thing for signs. I love how they establish the setting in a blog post, scrapbook page, or slideshow. But I digress…



This last sign made me a little worried I might have some explaining to do, but luckily the elk kept it PG.


According to the park history on the website,  additional elk were brought in from Yellowstone in the 1960s.


20130421_171750 20130421_171724

20130421_171821 20130421_171811

American Bison (not Buffalo) literally roam.

20130922_140523 20130421_170546

As I mentioned, many picnic areas are sprinkled throughout. Some are large, comfortable pavilions and others a simple table or two under a shady tree.

20130922_142031 20130922_141509

Beautiful and interesting nature is around every bend.


Language, vocabulary, and experience make this easy trip educational for children (and parents!). If you’re interested more in that, please comment below. I’d love to start a dialogue with you! I will confess that I did not capture all the photos of wildlife on the same day. Some days we see many animals, some days only a few. Overcast days have generally brought out the bison. Elk and geese are usually a given. We’ve always seen at least one creature and it’s exciting! Plus, Lone Elk makes a fun trip for grandparents or great grandparents who may not be up to braving the zoo or Grant’s Farm. (There’s also a lake for fishing, but we’ve never tried that from our car!)

If you’d like to see more pictures or find out more about Lone Elk Park, check out their website: http://www.stlouisco.com/ParksandRecreation/ParkPages/LoneElk



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