6 Week Stories: Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 6

The Finishing Touches

The Princess was greeted with her royal monogram.


All rise for her royal highness…


The place to stop for a sip of Magic Potion

20130609_125402  20130609_125424   20130609_125419

Sweet Treats


Table decorations by my mom: Chocolate coins at a wishing well that reads, “Drop a Coin in the Well and Make a Wish (or better yet, eat it after you make a wish!)”

20130609_125831    20130609_125838

20130609_125626 20130609_125620

Magic Beans

and Kisses for the

Frog Prince


The Throne and Treasures


A photo book that tells the tale of the couple in fairy tale language.


And they lived happily ever after! I hope you have enjoyed my Fairy Tale Shower ideas. Any of them could easily be translated into a birthday party or a baby shower.

P.S.  The answers to last week’s famous couples game were:

1.Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta as Sandy Olsen and Danny Zuko
2. June Carter and Johnny Cash
3. Isabella Swan (Bella) and Edward Cullen (Kristen Stewart and Robert  Pattinson)

One thought on “6 Week Stories: Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 6

  1. I am sure that Sara and your brother appreciated all the work that you and your mom did for them. it was a wonderful event and i was glad to get a chance to sit in on it for a while. Pa

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