Food Trick: Better Burger Base

With the holiday weekend approaching, I decided it was time to share a grilling tip of mine. I love to eat food that Hubby has grilled (remember, he’s the grillmaster, not me!) and, more specifically, Buddy LOVES cheeseburgers (dipped in ketchup of course…anything dipped in ketchup) so I try to put them on the menu pretty often. Whenever we used to grill burgers, I would get all annoyed at how puffy they got. No amount of smashing with a spatula could de-poof those patties.


burger trick

If you push your thumb into the center of the (uncooked) hamburger patty to make a little indentation, they stay nice & flat while cooking! Who knew something so simple could take away my poofy patty woes?!

The patties you see above were mixed with half a package of Kraft Fresh Takes cheddar jack and bacon flavor…oh my gosh…so easy and so delicious! (The other half I sprinkled on top of tilapia earlier in the week…it worked but was almost too overpowering for such a mild fish. Next time I’ll coat some chicken breasts with it!)

Got a food trick that was so easy it made you smack yourself in the forehead when you figured it out? If you do, I sure hope you will share in the comments!

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