ManDIY: Shoes!!

What can I say? I’m that girl who loves shoes! So when I saw this post on decorating your own, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I wanted to make two pairs: one for my mom and one for my grandma. I bought all my supplies at Wal-Mart: white canvas shoes (around $6 each), 2 pairs of shoe strings ($1.50 each), some fabric paint Tulip Fabric Paint ($8), 20 pack of Tulip Fabric Markers (on clearance for about $15), and some stencils I found in the craft section ($2). I’m not endorsing Wal-Mart, but it’s really hard for me to find time to run to the “closest” craft store (Remember, I live in the country!).  Sometimes I have thoughts like “I don’t have time to run to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s” which stop me from being creative. But knowing I get to share my projects with all my blog buddies keeps me motivated to power through and find a solution…which in this case was Wal-Mart. 🙂

To begin, I got some painter’s tape from our garage and taped off the parts of the shoes I didn’t want to get paint on because I know I’m not the most careful person.

20130507_214351 2

Next I taped down my stencil to the shoe and started just filling it in. This may seem like a weird design (red giraffe print??), but these are for my mom who LOVES giraffes and the St. Louis Cardinals. So I was making these for her to wear to baseball games. And the nice thing about the animal print was that it didn’t have to be exact. If I colored out of the lines a little bit, it didn’t matter.

20130508_222116 2

It probably took me about an hour to do both shoes. The marker started to look dull after the first shoe so I waited a day for it to re-ink and finished the second one. I did look for places where the color wasn’t as bright and touched them up on both shoes when I was finished. Here’s a finished shoe taped with the tape still on it.

20130508_224404 2

I tried to use my paints with the stencil on a practice shoe and it bled through the stencil and looked messy. So I chose to use the pens even though they probably took more time. I caught up on Masterchef so I didn’t really mind spending the time.

I added some fun shoe strings. Here they are at the Stadium!

IMG_0326 2

I also made a pair for my grandma. I wanted to use bright colors, but I must admit the pink was a little more neon than I anticipated. No worries, Grandma LOVES them. She wears them proudly and tells everyone I made them. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. For hers, I used my painter’s tape again and taped of the sections I wanted. This time I used the fabric paint since I was going for a color block design. I did the yellow and pink in the same day and let them dry before taping them off and adding the blue. And to complete the look, some neon pink shoes strings!

IMG_0131 2

I can’t wait to make myself a pair! Any suggestions for a print or color that’s hip and trendy these days?


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