Kitchen Poll: Favorite Kitchen Tool

Quick poll!

What one kitchen tool, utensil, gadget, appliance, etc (if you use it in the kitchen, it counts!) can you not live without??

Comment below to get in on the conversation!


12 thoughts on “Kitchen Poll: Favorite Kitchen Tool

  1. I use my kitchen shears almost every time I cook. I use them to cut up chicken breasts for homemade chicken nuggets and fingers. I also use them to cut up peppers, onions and cucumbers from the salad bar to put on our salads at home.

  2. Great question! I’m gonna cheat a little and say my food proccessor/blender. They have the same base so that counts as one gadget, right? 😀 I’ve been using it for smoothies every morning and I use it several times a week for baby food, hummus, or other yummy concoctions.

  3. Does a crockpot count?! Is so, I couldn’t live without Mrs. Potts. This week, I made crockpot porkchops with an apple glaze and apple slices-sooo yummy!

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