6 Week Stories: Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 3

The Cake Balls

The first time I had cake balls was at my baby shower. OOOOOOOH! They were so good. This was something I had to try. And I did….many times. And not only are they delicious, they are so much fun to make. I plan to do a 6 Week Stories feature dedicated entirely to cake balls where I’ll share some of my favorite recipes, decorations, and tips. But for today, I’m going to give you the short version of the Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Cake Balls. I’m also going to demonstrate that even though I’ve been doing this for YEARS, I still make mistakes. And it’s okay. ūüôā

20130607_223037 2One of my favorite cake ball tips is putting them in candy wrappers. This way you don’t have uneven globs¬†of candy coating on the bottom to break off. It also makes them much more uniform when serving on a platter and it’s fun to pick wrappers that match your theme. I found these metallic pink in the candy decorating section at Michael’s. One tip- you need to consider the size of the balls when you make them and the size of the wrappers. Once I bought wrappers that were too small and I couldn’t get the cake balls to sit in them very prettily. Once I bought too big and they also looked weird.

Another tip I love is using a Wilton¬†Melting Pot.¬†It is much easier than a double boiler. And you don’t have to keep reheating your chocolate or candy in the microwave like you would if you used bowls.¬† Here’s a REALLY IMPORTANT message about the Wilton Melting Pot… DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE SINK BECAUSE IF IT ACCIDENTALLY GOES INTO THE DISHWASHER IT IS RUINED!20130607_223112 2

This unfortunately is what happened to me. I tried to use it anyway, but the nonstick coating had all washed off and I wound up with a sticky, uneven melting mess. Boo hoo. So next I did not follow the directions I have read so many times about using a medium size bowl to melt candy. I thought that if I used a narrow, deep container I could cover the balls better. I was wrong.

20130607_223051 2

Gross. That brown syrupy stuff is burnt candy. This was a disaster. But at this point, I had to just power through. Unfortunately, that meant I stopped taking pictures. But I will share with you my finished cake balls which I loved. They were chocolate on the inside (Devil’s Food cake) and white candy on the outside. I also used Oreo sprinkles (yes, they are as awesome as they sound), some silver Jimmies¬†and some colored sugar.

20130609_130233 2

I thought we could use a few magic wands to go along with the Fairy Tale them so I dipped pretzel rods in candy and covered them, too.

20130609_130239 2

Stay tuned for “Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 4” to see the pull-apart cupcake cake!

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