6 Week Stories: Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 2

The Poster

invite This is the beautiful shower invitation my mom made. She used her Cricut to cut out the couple and embossed the “happily ever after.”  This card inspired me to come up with a design for a poster to hang at the shower.

Here’s my sketch.

poster sketchObviously, drawing isn’t my thing.  Luckily, I was able to talk my mom into generating some letters and an enormous cut-out of the couple with her Cricut. I wanted it to have a Faerie Tale Theatre feel (specifically The Dancing Princesses, start clip at 2:30). Something about the pink fog seemed very romantic.

Anyway, here’s what I started with. I bought the black canvas, the glue, and the bling at Michael’s. The couple is from the Cricut.


I have some tweezers that are really helpful when applying glue to the backs of tiny things. It keeps them from sticking to your fingers. It also helped me position the letters gently. I didn’t have a ruler so I used my paper trimmer to keep a straight line going.

20130607_125030 20130607_124848

20130607_131313I also wanted to add some BLING as that is an integral part of the shower and wedding aesthetic. These sticky rhinestones made gorgeous stars. Now I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to get the effect of dancing on a romantic island surrounded by pink fog (jump to 5:30 on the video to see what I’m referring about). So far I had this….


I hadn’t glued down the couple. They needed a dance floor…a hot pink dance floor. Leftover spray paint from the throne would get the job down.  With trepidation, I taped off a trapezoid to try to give the illusion of perspective (I remember getting a D in art class on perspective so this scared me a little bit). To protect the black, I stuffed some newspaper under the tape. I was trying to squeeze this in during naptime so I was in a hurry and didn’t check to make sure the paint couldn’t get through.

20130608_193622  20130608_193758

My lack of attention to detail did let some of the paint bleed through and around the newspaper. But you know what friends? It made the PERFECT pink fog.  I love how sometimes my artistic flaws combined with a child-induced time crunch create something awesome I could never have achieved on purpose.


Stay tuned for “Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 5″ to see the finished poster!


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