6 Week Stories: Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 1

For the next 6 weeks I will be sharing the story of a fairy tale themed wedding shower. If you are a girl and you have a brother, there is a good chance at some point in your life you will think something like, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if my brother married one of my dearest friends?” I am lucky enough to have this happening next winter and I’m SO excited! This summer Mom and I threw SILTB (sister-in-law to be) a “Happily Ever After” wedding shower. Our colors were hot pink and bling! When I tried to do an internet search I was surprised at how few ideas I could find. With some inspiration from Pinterest and my Theme Queen mom, I decided to make a throne and a poster to accompany my mom’s décor.

My first question was where do I get a chair I can paint hot pink that looks like a throne? Surprisingly, I knew just who to ask. My dear friend, Andrea, has an Esty shop BedknobNBroomsticks . I admire her passionate philosophy: “I believe there are possibilities in things. I see things around me each day that have not outgrown their usefulness, but rather that inspire more.” Isn’t that just exhilarating? And I loved that when I asked, “Do you happen to have an old chair that looks like a throne?” she said, “No, I have 2.”

I picked this one.


I needed more spray paint that I imagined. I went through 2 cans. I didn’t wash the chair first. I didn’t put anything underneath it so grass stuck to it. I didn’t do any sanding. If I was smart, I’d have read a spray paint tutorial. But if you read the 5 things you need to know about my DIYing, this is all to be expected.


But I have to say that it turned out pretty well. It was only going to be used for a few hours so I didn’t want to stress myself out too much. It was only my first project.


Now it was time to make the cushion. Mom found this absolutely perfect fabric at Wal-Mart. She also lent me her staple gun. If I had to guess, it must have belonged to my grandpa. I imagine this because in order for it to work properly a clothespin must be wedged awkwardly into the trigger. That was just my grandpa.

Grandpa's staple gun

Grandpa’s staple gun

Now what happens next may immediately appear like short-sightedness on my part. And it was. BUT, both my mom and Andrea nodded when I mentioned that I was going to staple fabric to a piece of foam. This led me to believe this was a reasonable thing to do. Guess what? It’s not. Here’s how it went down. I ever so carefully wrap the piece of particle board and foam I have to make the cushion. Then I try to staple the fabric to the foam. Think about that. It’s like trying to cut water with scissors. But frustration sets in and my logical side disappears. All my staples look like this:
It’s kind of hard to tell, but they are hanging on for dear life and barely holding the fabric to this board. As the trigger keeps sliding out and the staples are falling to the floor, in vain I attempt to adhere this fabric to the foam and particle board. Frustration-laced thoughts start creeping in. Societal pressure to not only have a meaningful career, also raise children and throw great parties. Staple! Pinterest as the standard to measure my creativity. STAPLE! I mean, I like being creative and making things. STAPLE! But it’s not enough anymore! STAPLE! STAPLE!
Hey, what do you know? That didn’t turn out half bad. Stay tuned for “Fairy Tale Wedding Shower Part 5” to see the finished chair!


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