ManDIY: Kids’ Handprint Cards

I love DIY blog posts. I love the detailed pictures, the well-crafted step-by-step instructions, the flowing ease the crafters have creating that perfect head wrap or personalized pillowcase. It is inspiring and motivating. “What a creative way to enhance my life,” I think as I make a mental note to plan my own herb garden using coffee filters and recycled yogurt cartons.

But I gotta tell you- my DIY posts will not bring you the same sense of serenity. Why you might ask? Well, there are a few things you need to know about me to understand why I can never be a crackerjack DIYer.

1. My 11 month old daughter has more developed fine motor skills than I do.

2. I don’t read directions.

3. I cut first and measure second.

4. I have no sense of visual/spatial awareness.

5. I’m always in a hurry.

My DIY posts have 2 purposes. First is to make you giggle. The second is to give you, my dear readers, a generous self-esteem boost as you watch me fumble and bumble through tasks I’m sure many of you could maneuver with your eyes closed, a toddler on your hip, and supper in the oven.

The mothers in my life mean more than ever now that I realize what a daunting task it is to be a mother. So I want to show them how much I appreciate it by making something handmade. Here is my attempt at handprint  cards.

First I traced the kids’ hands- not an easy task. But you know what’s harder? Keeping a two-year old with paint on his hands from decorating my couch. I’ve found that tracing makes it so much easier and gives the same general idea. Maybe when they’re older….

I saw this great picture on Pinterest of a handprint butterfly. Super cute idea? Mine looked like this:

What is that? How insulted would you be to receive this as a thank you for all the years and effort you put into being a mother? And my kids are too young for me to blame it on them.  So I devised a new strategy.

First, I needed an idea for my amazing mother-in-law.  (Yes, I have an awesome mother-in-law. It happens. ) We were planning a fabulous beach vacation this summer so I let that be my inspiration. I also consulted my mom on the layout because she has an eye for that sort of thing.  I came up with this.

beach mothers day card

The blue handprints are Baybay’s and the sand-colored are the Bear’s. Pretty cute.

Next it was on to Grandma (my grandma, the kids’ great grandma). I remembered this embroidered picture my grandma had on her wall when I was a kid. My mom had made it for her and it had this really cute verse about grandmas so that got me thinking about the cookie idea. First I found a picture of a cookie jar online. I also cut out Baybay’s hands on a piece of paper that looked like sugar cookies. I dug the paper, along with my chalks, out of my very old scrapbooking case. (I used to work at a scrapbook store!) I used the chalks to shade the cookie jar so it wasn’t solid, but had some color to it. I’m really awful at things like shading so I just went back and forth over it with a q-tip. It still turned out pretty nice.

I went ahead and made the top of the jar a few different colors to keep it interesting. Then I glued on the verse.

I positioned the handprints. My mom suggested I outline them in black  since my grandma has limited vision. A nice accommodation, and I really liked how it made them pop out.

Finally, my piece de resistance. My mom is INCREDIBLY talented when it comes to the paper arts and I wanted to come up with something special that would impress her. I searched on Pintrest, but nothing seemed right.  As I was falling asleep the Thursday night before Mother’s Day, it hit me! My mom is probably the biggest St. Louis Cardinals fan I knew. So I came up with this…

moms card

The Cardinals are the kids’ handprints. I cut out the bat out of a piece of mustard construction paper. I printed out the letters and cut them out too. Some red construction paper for the accents. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but wrote GEE GEE (which is what the Bear calls her) and a 1.

Everyone like the cards. My mom loved hers so much she wants me to make it into a shirt….I think I see another DIY blog in my future!


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