How I Met Buddy’s Mother

From the first year Lauren and I taught together, I knew we’d be friends for years to come. Lauren was the kind of colleague you love to have- fun, enthusiastic, and creative. But the adjective describing Lauren that was the most mesmerizing to me was domestic. I didn’t have any friends with her skill set. She knew how to cook, really well. I salivated waiting to see what she’d whip for a department meeting or holiday party. (Side note: The cake she made for my baby shower was freaking adorable!) And she was crafty, oh so crafty. She volunteered to make pew bows for my wedding and they were beautiful. Her organizational skills surpassed any I’d ever seen. The icing on the cake was the modesty that Lauren brought with all her amazing talents.
Our friendship grew as Lauren dedicated a great deal of time helping me learn some cooking basics. (Daddysaurus was really grateful for that!) I could turn to Lauren with any domestic inquiry. I remember dragging her to Home Depot  after school one day to help me pick a paint color to remedy the institutional green I had chosen on my own. We always shared laughs and had good times.
When Lauren decided to stay at home with Buddy instead of returning to work I was so happy for her, but concerned we would have a hard time maintaining our friendship if we didn’t see each other everyday. Luckily, I was wrong. We’ve enjoyed sharing motherhood as much as recipes. We’ve ooohed and ahhhed over first birthday photos, chased the kiddos around the playground, and had a few girls’ nights too! Through conversations, social media, or even text messages we’ve continued to inspire each other’s home living.
When Lauren asked me to start a blog with her, I was honored and flattered. We’ve always worked well together- combining our unique perspectives and upbeat attitudes we are greater than the sum of our parts. Family, home, and food are the passions Lauren and I share. Our friendship is rooted in them. The best part is we both bring something different to the dinner/craft table!

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