Have You Heard About Mandy?

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy…where do I even begin? I remember meeting you in grad school and being envious of the fact that you were A.) a year ahead of me, B.)  totally trendier than I was, and C.) had rockin’ hair.

Then I finally caught up and was given the opportunity to really get to know you as we taught together for four years and I quickly found out how much more there was to love about Mandy. (Though I still love to check out her style every time I see her…she has such a way of pairing unexpected clothing items and coming out with the CUTEST outfits. I don’t know how she does it.)

On top of being a trendy momma, Mandy is the technology queen.  She is everyone’s leading lady in that department (and many others) at work and is always so gracious about helping out those of us who are, ahem, less technologically inclined. I like to think of myself as being fairly technologically savvy but I don’t know a fourth of what she does. Poor Mandy has cleaned up many of my online oopsies. 🙂

She is also the queen of cake pops.  Yes, my friends, Mandy makes marvelous cake pops! I have attempted cake pops a few times but mine always fall off the stick or look like…well…not anything edible. Whether lemon or chocolate, Mandy’s cake pops can’t be beat. I am always jealous when I hear she has brought them to school as I am no longer there to hover at her classroom door and beg for just one more. I continue to nudge her to blog about them. Maybe you all can help me out with that, eh?

Mandy and I have bonded over Zofran and wine (but not at the same time…ha!) and, years later, “4 Minutes (to save the world)” by Madonna and Justin Timberlake still makes me stop whatever I’m doing to text her…even if all the text says is “tick tock, tick tock.”  I know Mandy gets it.  Mandy gets me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have griped to her about something and had her complete empathy and understanding. That’s a feeling that can’t be beat.

Here we begin another chapter in our friendship…sharing it with you!  Hopefully we’ve got more than 4 minutes…


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